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Hair Eliksir


- The products are tested and certified by AUV and Euromak Control


- The quality and standard of our products are a strong point, resulting in more than 90% satisfied customers

- 100% natural quality

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A special formula whose main ingredient is castor oil (castor bean oil).

Castor oil is a natural oil containing ricinoleic acid, found in the castor bean. It has been used for centuries in hair care due to its numerous benefits. Castor oil can aid in hair growth, making them stronger and healthier. It can also help moisturize dry and weak hair, making them shinier and softer.

Lavender oil, which is a component of the elixir, is another excellent solution for hair. Lavender is an aromatic plant with a pleasant scent and has been used for centuries in hair care. Lavender oil has a relaxing effect and can help reduce stress and tension that may affect hair health.

Olive oil also has many benefits for hair, including moisturizing, promoting growth, and helping combat dry and damaged hair.

✅ The products have been tested and certified by AUV and Euromak Kontroll.

✅ The quality and excellence of our products are the main focus, with over 90% of satisfied customers.

✅ 100% natural quality

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